Sandra Davies

Location Teesside, England
Occupation artist, printmaker, writer

About Me

Never wrote fiction before 2010 (unless you count my pre-teen tales, destroyed by embarrassed parents)and used to tell myself stories to send me to sleep.

Why do you write?

Creativity? Probably fired by a need to express myself in the most effective way - I am near incapable of doing so by spoken word. And also to entertain my like-minded friends

Any favorite authors? Books?

Ever-changing list which currently includes Cormac McCarthy, Patrick Gale, A.L. Kennedy, Andrew Grieg, Peter Temple, Sebastian Barry, Colum McCann, Declan Hughes, Karen Campbell ... I could go on.
Favourite books have to be Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond series.
And since beginning a crime novel for NaNoWriMo 2011, I've read some three hundred plus crime novels too.

Sandra Davies's Wall

ABxx – May 17, 2011

Hello Sandra--Thanks so much for the fav on "The Mariner's Daughter". I've been away from Fictionaut for ages. I look forward to catching up and reading your work.

Jack Swenson – Jan 21, 2011

Oh, yes. Humping prostitutes is apparently okay for politicians. It used to be okay for cowboys, too, but now I don't know.

M – Nov 01, 2010

Thanks for the great comments on "Motorcyle for a Dream," Sandra. I made a reply there. It's a story that's stirred some fun conversation about a lot of stuff people seem to be able to relate to. And I need to catch up on my reading: I look forward to reading your pieces. Best -- Q

Angela Kubinec – Oct 29, 2010

Thanks for reading my little "liturgical" bit, Sandra.

Jerry Ratch – Oct 07, 2010

Thank you, Sandra! Appreciate it!

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