Shenanigans 1 : Lack of observation

by Sandra Davies

Keep it quick (and they usually did) and it was simple.
Quick as the walk between their houses, from number 27 to number 33 (odd numbers only), and simple as the alibi.

An artist, she took a print to his house, in a large portfolio, around two o'clock every Tuesday afternoon, after seeing his wife Caroline drive off for her hair appointment.
A framer, he delivered the bubble-wrapped picture around eleven on Friday, once he'd seen Dan walk past carrying towel and swimming trunks.
Neither Dan nor Caroline had the slightest appreciation of art so they could be relied on not to spot that it was the same print which kept going back and forth.

The artist failed to observe that Dan simply walked around the corner to visit Liz, his post-sex shower providing the necessary dampness for his towel; the framer did not fail to compliment Caroline on her new hair-do when she returned despite that fact that all she had done was brush it after leaving Tony's bed.