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My hood

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My father was a writer and a great man, and his father was a writer, as was the one before him, and he was a great writer, too.

Park Bench

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La femme petite/Posing for Monet On a patch of scenery /I lifted my hand/Positioned my wrist As if holding a brush

Shenanigans 1 : Lack of observation

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Keep it quick (and they usually did) and it was simple. Quick as the walk between their houses, from number 27 to number 33 (odd numbers only), and simple as the alibi.

Anxieties of Absence

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On beach trips with our families, there were bumper cars, jet skis; flash enjoyments, beach-themed distractions.

A Monologue About Skyscrapers

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Everyday the buildings seem to be getting taller and taller.


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We gig, we perform, we laugh, we cry, we play our guitars, bass, drums, voice.