Cast list for a play

by Sandra Davies

Within the loop of this Tees-surrounded town, live folk we've met before.

 Tony, to-be-published poet, and ChloĆ«, cool and grey as granite mist, efficient, self-sufficient and part-blind to Tony's talent, being gallery-immersed and success-seeking.

 Dan: Dan loves his flame-haired, hot-wired etcher/artist Annabel; oft-times also inspires, but sometimes swims (or not) away from home, dispensing sweet-smiled sex and memories, most recently of all with Liz.

 Liz, too often lonely through the absence of her prideful Leo:  desire-inspiring, satanic-seeming spouse, thus far thought faithful since his Liz is loved for more than just her cooking, not so plain as some would say her face ...

 Felix, vigorous vendor of Viagra and part-time picture framer, well-fed and fond and faithless as his spouse, sweet Caroline, whose lack of confidence compels her to consume both cake and alcohol, the resulting curves a muse for Annabel's commission and for Tony's words.

 And sliding, smiling and seducing several of these small-time sinners, Edward, night-club owner, hard to read, but known to have a past, a sister and a double-barrelled, definitely-deceptive, name.