Michael D. Brown

Location Mexico
Occupation teacher
Website http://mdjb.wordpress.com

About Me

Teaching English to young adults in Mexico. Have been writing since I was a teenager--in the last century.

Why do you write?

I write because every time I finish a story I get a rush, then a big letdown. Then I write another to keep the cycle going.

Any favorite authors? Books?

David Lodge, Jose Saramago, Anita Brookner, Thomas Pynchon, James Salter, Richard Yates, Robert Sheckley, Raymond Carver, Paul Auster, Barbara Pym, Muriel Spark, Penelope Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Taylor, many others.

Michael D. Brown's Wall

Brian Michael Barbeito – Dec 11, 2012

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reading Calm and Level, and always being supportive of my work. Glad to see you around. Hope all is well. Good work with the writing as always.

Brian Michael

Ramon Collins – Aug 19, 2010

I really appreciate your comment on MOTEL, Michael. The exercise is so short, it's difficult to get in a fulcrum.

David Ackley – Aug 16, 2010

Thanks Michael for your comment on my contribution to the collective memory: we don't want to forget that moment of mass whatever it was ....

J. Mykell Collinz – Aug 15, 2010

Hi, Michael, thanks for reading His Longest Day. I appreciate your insightful comments.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jun 08, 2010

Thank you for reading My Rice Krispies Treat. Much appreciated.

Julie Innis – Jun 08, 2010

MDB - Thank you for your incredibly kind words on The Bee King. An odd bit to share: my first, best, and only writing teacher's name was Michael D. Brown, so yr comment gave me an extra jolt.

Cherise Wolas – Jun 07, 2010

Thank you for your great words on An Italian Lunch. I have done a revision called An Italian Lunch (II). I am really so pleased that the male POV read as really true.

I see I have several of your pieces to read, and I so look forward to it.

James Lloyd Davis – Jun 06, 2010

Michael, Thanks for stopping in and for the comment on Ghosts.

Myra King – Jun 06, 2010

Glad you enjoyed my poem, From the Kitchen of my Childhood, Michael.

M.H. – Mar 22, 2010

Hi Michael - Thank you so much for your comments on "I'm doing nothing wrong." I used to live in NYC (I'm from New Rochelle) & I love You Said Something for the same reason :)

Doug Bond – Mar 14, 2010

Michael...appreciate your very kind words re: Mrs. Doyle...indeed, hard not to like a woman who takes her teeth out for the pleasure of young children! Glad to make your acquaintance here...thanks

Foster Trecost – Mar 14, 2010

Hi Michael, Thanks for your comments on Cactus. I'm happy you liked it.

Jack Swenson – Mar 13, 2010

Michael, Thanks for the kind words about my Paris story. Sorry for trying to be a comedian. That was silly.

Julie Innis – Mar 01, 2010

Very glad to have come across your stories today. Really wonderful, concise, dense stuff you have up here. Kudos and I look forward to reading more.

AJ Dresser – Feb 04, 2010

Hey, thanks for dropping in and reading "For Rent." Been eagerly awaiting a new installment from you here.

Lou Godbold – Dec 28, 2009

Thank you for your comment on La Puta Gitana de Sevilla. (I'm assuming that you speak Spanish if down there in Mexico, no?) For something a little closer to your adopted home, you might like to read 'Last Chance at Normal.'


Full of Mexicans. Of the worst kind. I should know, I married him.

Jacob Russell – Dec 28, 2009

Thanks, Michael....

Matt Dennison – Dec 28, 2009

Thanks for reading me stuff, Michael, and the positive comment!

Nicole Black – Dec 27, 2009

I'm so glad that you made it, now maybe we can get busy and write something really good!

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