Robert Crisman

Location Tacoma, WA
Occupation Writer
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About Me

I write novels, short stories, screenplays, and stage plays, generally about lost dogs on mean streets, mainly because I was one once. I had a bout with Literature back in my 20s, but these days read mostly "genre" stuff, crime novels and whatnot, and I know that some people who did well in Lit Class put all that stuff down, but hey, here's the deal: Hemingway couldn't have carried Hammett's jockstrap, which Stein and Gide and other folks knew way back when, and they said it out loud.

Why do you write?

I want the world to see through my eyes.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Authors: Dashiell Hammett, George V. Higgins, Gore Vidal, John Westermann, Ross Thomas, William Gibson,'Jean Genet, Paul Thomas, Mike Lupica, Carl Hiaasen, Mick Farren, George MacDonald Fraser, David Freeman
Books: Red Harvest, Cogan's Trade, Skin Tight, The Thieves Journal, Burr, Count Zero, The Fourth Durango, Exit Wounds, Red Zone,

Robert Crisman's Wall

Angela Kubinec – Dec 17, 2010

Robert! Nice to see you in a different neighborhood. Sorry they gave you the wrong bus route.

Con Chapman – Dec 14, 2010

Robert--Thanks for reading. Close brushes with fame: I took a law school course taught by George V. Higgins. Out of ten classes I believe he showed up sober once. Got his autograph but lost it.

LynnAlexander – Dec 06, 2010

Well hello, Robert!

Angela Kubinec – Sep 20, 2010

Hi there, Robert. Now I have a handy anthology of a little bit of your work. Look for me as a regular reader.

Christopher Grant – Sep 10, 2010

Rob, look who finally got invited to the party.

Susan Tepper – Sep 03, 2010

Robert, you are right, your Katrina story did connect tangentially as an Oil Story. I'm happy to have it on the group!

Susan Tepper – Aug 26, 2010

Robert, I'm anxious to check out more of your work. I started reading Roanne and I'm mesmerized. Will finish it up later but had to jot you a note-- this is story telling at its best

Susan Tepper – Aug 25, 2010

I felt like a fly on the wall reading your story "The Interview"

Susan Tepper – Aug 24, 2010

"The Interview" just knocked my socks off. Please join the Oil group and send a story!

James Lloyd Davis – Aug 06, 2010

Yeah, the photo's hard to look at, being sideways and all, 'specially in the morning. Welcome, eh?

Darryl Price – Aug 05, 2010


Gita M. Smith – Aug 05, 2010

You open the photograph, you find the little arrow that points to rotate, you click the arrow. YOU GOOF!!! Gorgeous shirt, though.

Teresa Cortez – Aug 05, 2010

Welcome to Fictionaut!

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