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Monkey Love

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There's an orangutan riding an elephant that spots a hound dog.

Homeowners' Association

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We met every other Tuesday in a dimly lit conference room at Woods Memorial Library. Over lemonade and pecan sandies, we doled out notices for CC&R violations – a garbage can left on the curb longer than two days, a yard overrun with little mallows,

Domina, Doreen, Dorma

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What month then, what spring or fall, what meaningless season of locusts and black flies besetting our town, flown in on thickening air, on sickening smell? And then, in the middle of its days, this chrysalis, this cocoon, found wrapped between us...


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The neighbor kids start, we join in–


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I'm in awe of her frankness, how she takes my breath away, how I wish to rush off with her to a splendid hideaway where only the two of us touch the grape-stained mountains and the cerulean sea, wild blades of grass quivering with the breeze. Sometimes th

Lisa Duncan's Mom

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Lisa Duncan's mom was puffy, and you could always see part of her breasts.

Greedy Pigs

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So I says,

The Oddest Thing Ever Found in a Pocket

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On an October day in 1909 Mrs. Prudence O'Kannady, industrious wife of Mr. Joseph Patrick O'Kannady of Corn Falls, Nebraska, discovered, while sorting clothing for the wash, in the pocket of a set of dungarees belonging to her youngest son Rufus, a tiny human head. When…

Poached Eggs

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The cat came out of my bedroom, cleaned himself, and said, "Go get some Friskies."

Too Quiet on the Carpet

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I've seen the pinch marks. It can't be worth it.

Bluer Than Any Sky

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There was something beautiful in the way the afternoon high sun existed in the unswept glass. How it seemed to reach out of the earth.


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That was really the problem with leaving. She had to leave everything, could take none of the perfection with her. Anything she took would’ve been too little, or too much, once removed. Once not in his house, not in his vision or touch, the magic would

We do not make the most of situations

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We do not say the phrases that would smooth things over.

The Names of Things

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She's having trouble remembering the names of things.

Rabid Atween Da Erz

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yoo evva kizza rabid atween da erz? end chee siz NO end din yoo siz yoo wanna kizza rabid atween da erz? end chee siz OK end yoo pull yoo