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It Is

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The buses aren't running. The subway isn't running. He can't afford a cab, whether they're running or not.

Large size in stockings is hard to sell

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It was a retail sleight of hand he never could master, the “Ma’am, I think you need a larger size” sale. Because a muffin top is flattering. Two waists are better than one.


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. . . nor did mine eye apologize.

The Man in the coat

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A man wearing a dark green coat closed the door loudly. Tanu sat up straight, and stared at him. He looked around till he found her face and sat down in front of her.

The Room Below

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The closed door swallowed up both voices, and all I could make out afterward were muffled pleas and angry answers that died completely.

Rice is often served in round bowls (Hibachi Bushido)

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I knew they were bad, that gaggle of frat morons, that pack of turds. There should have been a sign above the entrance that read, “Hot saké is not a jello shot.” Or at least, “No class, no service.”

The Bitterness of Butterfly Wings

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So I licked the Anise from my fingers.

Abu Arif & His Daughters

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I cannot remember what the celebration was for, but the baby was at its center. We passed him around, a sweet smiling boy about seven months old. The age when babies can sit but can't yet crawl and their thighs get plump.

Watching Our Reflections on TV While We Wait

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We sat in a row on the long couch and no one’s legs could reach the floor. Granddaddy took the first one the kid who no one knew. . .

Hey, So This Is What LSD Feels Like

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“Howwww doesssss ittttt fel Jayyymessss?” said a veiled ghost, two little knobs poking through the linen. “Felssss gooooowwwdddd.”

The boy was there when the sun rose

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He’d never run that fast before, though it felt like his legs, as if re-entering the atmosphere, were falling apart, tearing muscle with every step, wrenching his heels, shattering bone.

Aguilas Range

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When I was thirteen and still lived in the desert I saw a ghost woman at the top of a dry waterfall in the foothills.

To My Love

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When the moon turned red, I searched for you all over the house, and broke every lock. I ran all over the city, and the earth shook under my feet. I smashed every door with a crowbar, and shot men and dogs. The cops fired at me, but I was impervious to pa

Wild Rice

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Pulled cheeks and crazy birds.

The Peerless Merit of a Six-Word Sentence

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A few weeks ago I joined a private online community for audacious booklovers and authors.