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Black penetrating stares fell on his pasty face, pale from residence far less proximate to the equator than his current latitude. He left the others in comfort found with iced drinks and soft beds.

How to Make Love to a Woman

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There's just no pleasing her.

Our Closet

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I was enchanted with the suppleness and intensity of her movement and slowly edged to hide myself askew from the jam as not to disturb her.

Not Tired

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Three hours isn't that long.

Some Bloody Thing

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A wire, or a rope... or some bloody thing anyway, extending from one end of itself to the other, across a gulf, an emptiness; and on top of this, crossing over the rope, or whatever you call it, a man."


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A man opened his mouth and out began to usher forth a length of string.


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The calculation was precise.

Sugar and Saline

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Aidan and Amber met in a doughnut shop


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A sackcloth, and within this sackcloth – darkness. Yes well, darkness - what else; but if we could see into this darkness, what else besides the darkness?

Improbable Bodies

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The book has known many women’s hands, something erotic and frequently checked out from our local library. Its cover depicts a man and a woman, both with improbable if not impossible bodies. I believe the term is bodice-ripper.

I Know Nothing

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It was before she married him, but he knew things. Troubling things. The way she said it made me think that she knew them too.


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“The prayers of continuing any act simply because we started the act, for no other reason, Amen.”

Don't Forget the Sun

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That’s when the inconspicuous-until-now janitor saunters over, glances down at their starlist and mumbles, “Don’t forget the sun,” and the astronomers all slap their foreheads and smile.


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He was choking on the fumes.

Salvation Santa

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Jack leaves for work at seven a.m. He gets coffee at the diner on 6th and East Elm. He takes it black with two sugars. It keeps him warm and awake. He cannot afford the prices at the trendy coffee shops and only once did he let someone buy him a latte. He didn't think…