Andrew Kenneally

Location Ireland

Why do you write?

Generally a flash of some thought or image spurs the writing - these tending to be very short self-contained pieces but lately extending somewhat in scope.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Dostoevsky, Aldous Huxley, Bulgakov, Victor Pelevin, Tolstoy, Kafka, Chekhov, Knut Hamsun. Favourite books other than by above include Russell Hoban's 'Riddley Walker' & of late enjoyed Zamyatin's 'We' & Sybille Bedford's 'Legacy'.

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Johnny Dantonio – Sep 27, 2010

Hi Andrew! Thanks for reading and commenting on Y ... I'm pretty new to Fictionaut so I'm just catching on to seeing comments and replying, but I love interacting with other writers, so your comment means a lot!

Andrew Kenneally – Sep 13, 2010

Hi Larry, Bulgakov's certainly one of my favourites. All the renown goes to Margarita but there's other great atuff there too like White Guard

Larry Strattner – Sep 12, 2010

Happy to see another rare Bulgakov fan. I Larry.

J. Mykell Collinz – Sep 08, 2010

Andrew, thanks for reading 'Along Came Doreen.' I very much appreciate your philosophical aside, and I agree, "this meaninglessness is simply tautologically nonsense."

Matthew A. Hamilton – Sep 07, 2010

Thank you for reading Peace of Mind. Glad you liked it.

Andrew Kenneally – Sep 04, 2010

I've read the link, Eamon, & can see where you're coming from - certainly something of an ilk. I think my intellectual/spiritual affinity is most with the Russians, & while Dosteovsky I think described them as all coming out from under Gogol's Overcoat, similarly Kharms is out I imagine of that similar mindset/soulset.

eamon byrne – Sep 02, 2010

Good to see you posting something again, Andrew. After reading 'Space, Blank, Uninterrupted', I can't believe you're not familiar with the work of Daniil Kharms. Your story is uncannily similar to his 'On Phenomena and Existences No 2', which you can read on my site under the link 'Models' -

Andrew Kenneally – Dec 21, 2009

Thanks for the recommendation Matt. I’ve read little of Beckett, & the little a good while ago, but someone I know has a few times compared a few of my pieces to his - wisely or unwisely! - so I should give him more of a look. The only thing I’m a little afraid of is if there is a similarity, of my becoming conscious of it, & so becoming a little unnatural in how whatever comes out of me comes out.
Oddly enough I do actually share Beckett’s birthday.

Matt Dennison – Dec 20, 2009

Be sure and check out some of Sam Beckett's prose stuff.

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