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Assorted Moments of Moral Ambiguity from the World of Gay Porn

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Leonard can wait no longer. Finally, he asks Darren if he enjoys pornography. Well, more accurately, he types the question. Click, click, click. Wait, wait, wait.


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... honestly, the dishes were just tired. Too few in number and washed too often, they dreamed of an escape -- any escape, really -- from the endless cycle of hot water and being racked together to dry ...

All I Want for Christmas

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Frank, it's Jesus.

Guess Who Was At The Party?

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She didn’t look a thing like his girlfriend. This alone should have been a sign that she was just a fling, a diversion from what he had known for the past five years. She began to think of his girlfriend as guess who. Guess who was at the opening, peopl

The Tortoise in the Hair

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Pete told me, honest to God, that the first night he had that tortoise back home with him, he woke up the next morning bald. The damn thing had eaten off all his hair. So then Pete figured he'd strike up a deal with Clarence Magee, the barber.

On A Trans-Atlantic Flight

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I used to think I could see God in the clouds. Not in an indefinite expanse of clear blue, calm and crisp and quiet, desperate in its infinity, but somewhere up there, among the water vapor masses between us and eternal sky. Not in gray and grumpy nimbostratus, nor fine…


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Their footsteps stopped suddenly, leaving them staring at one another across the bleak expanse of playground at south Los Angeles' Gompers Middle School. His uniform's white polo shirt felt too restrictive as he watched her budding solar plexus rise and f

... and I liked it!

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... red lipstick shiny in the bar's light, raven-colored hair spiky and toussled. Jen opened her mouth to say something, stickiness of her cherry Chapstick separating with her lips ... and the girl leaned in and started kissing her.

Sticky Wants to Grab

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I’ll bring the naproxen sodium so we won’t have any problem grabbing things.

Transport: a Flash-Fiction Triptych

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He turned the pages for me, reverently, slowly--pointing out other birds, repeating their names, sounds strange and mysterious to my ears, went on, bird after bird, and when I reached my stop and rose to leave, he was still whispering their names like a c

Petty Injuries

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Fault and blame can be forgotten after three steep flights of stairs. Pregnant-lady-take-the-elevator kind of steep. I-said-elevator, holy-shit-she’s-falling kind of steep. A-faked-relief-when-the-child-is-born, but-born-special kind of steep.

5” X 6” In A Sturdy Frame

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The first morning we met—I remember the rain, soft the way I like it—was a series she later attributed as a fourteen-frame sunrise.

New World

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Non-Stop Service

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Please direct your attention to the flight attendants as they demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft.

Small Change

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From the passenger seat, Steve shakes the small jar of quarters. They jingle against one another, plunk against the jar’s thick glass walls and its lid. His lips tighten in concern.