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From The Left To The Right

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...except when she stood she bent over and shook. Sobbed. Swallowed to a stop. Put her hand on the side of the house and wiped her mouth.


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Her preferred post-coital activity is to pant, to suck in air with urgent greed.

Obituary for a Poet Heretic

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He sat on a leather couch in the nude, blew smoke rings shaped like wild animals and picked verses out of the thick air.

The Score

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His wallet came out with a little tug. Like his thingy, Cindy thought. His wallet, too, was a fact.


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In her dreams she lived in a rice grain. A virus was her lover.

Visitation Hour

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She watches too much VH1 for a five-year-old.

The Disappearances

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When a hole opened in the courtyard, the kids threw pennies down and called it the wishing well. We said, "Someone must have dug it." When the hole opened wider, we said, "Someone must still be digging."

News of the Day

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KSWS is a big brick building where I thought the whole world was taking place until we went there on a field trip in second grade and I learned that KSWS was just cameras and monitors and Candy Tanner’s father sitting behind a desk reading off the news.


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While I was lighting a cigarette in one hand, I heard the bus pull up in the other ear

Athos Hated My Guts

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I think he hated the way I looked at the woman in the painting every time I came in, so he would always stare me down from behind the counter. I hadn’t been sure until now. Athos hated my guts. He misses her so...


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He liked the palm tree when it first popped through the floor.

For Rent: 116 Writers Block Avenue

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There's a special block in the city, nestled between Mutant Town and Trump Towers.

The Egg Whisk

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A plain oval face, opaque except for a birthmark streaking the right cheek like chicken shit.


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It’s about 4:30 when the phone rings. I look at the display and see it’s home. “Hey,” I say picking up. “I hate you,” says Jules. “I hate, you, too,” I say. My co-workers don’t even blink. They’ve heard this before.

The Virgin of Last Resort

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In a little dirt church at the end of the world stands the ikon of an unrecognized saint.