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White Woman

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She had a compulsion to organize things according to their size or colour or according to some other abstruse algorithm that clicked through her mind. She didn't know that this was OCD

The Common Cold

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There was dad sitting at the table, wide awake, reading glasses on nose, pen in hand above a Doppler graph of numbers on paper, one of many now-lost theorems, looking up as his son walked into the room.

A Necessary Evil

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But it was a necessary evil and one he’d made peace with, easy to do when he arrived home each day to the comforting touch of his wife, his home.

When I Stopped Talking

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It was not so much the sound of the man’s arm being dislocated under the pressure, but rather that of the breath that escaped his lungs at that moment that was most disturbing.

The Philosopher

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Philip smoothes the page of a book, words hopping like fleas around his fingers.


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“Probably a fungus”, his wife said, “perhaps you should wash there more often.”


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The suit is heavy, yes. It smells of sweat, mostly my sweat, but I had Johnny Frauberg fill in for me a few times and he sweats like a beast. A beast.


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Unblinking, her eyes began to glisten.

His Kind of Woman

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Drunk driving the Beemer out to the track with her nestled beside him, feeling lucky...

In Talking To Oneself

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Are you asleep? No. My heart is torn open. Mine too.


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Class (appears in my book Breaking it Down; no journal publication) When your neighbor James Frehley cusses you out for hanging a block and tackle from the silver maple in your front lawn, begin to pull the engine from your Galaxie anyway, smile and nod…

Mainly a Stranger to Him

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Mark stared up at the majesty of the open sky, the tops of trees in bloom, and remembered, all too late, that he wanted to keep on living.


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He was not supposed to leave handcuffs or a butt plug laying around.


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Jane went to work at once, drawing water from the sink and pulling down the emergency kit. “Hold her arms above her head to help slow the bleeding” she said to her brother.

A Life Twice Told

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Walking to work, Lawrence Settler was struck by a bus as he crossed a one-way street.