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Party Line

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Mama reads about UFOs in paperback books and newspapers with big cloudy pictures. Her girlfriends know about flying saucers, too. They get drunk at night when they are sitting all alone in their living rooms because they are divorced or married to men who

The Big Head

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“Andrew's head is going to grow.” That's what mom said. She said it just like that. It was fact. “Like a watermelon?” Jimmy from next door asked, holding his hands wide, wide as a giant seedless. He thought it was a wonderful idea...

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Michigan

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I love Michigan. Michigan is my home. I love living in Michigan. There are so many things about Michigan that people don't know. People of the world don't know anything about Michigan. Our haiku festivals, quality cheeses, our love of skinny neckties and

It (New and Improved!)

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“What is it?” he said lifting up his shoulders to his earlobes and holding them there like they got stuck. “You’ll see,” I told him, lightly scraping my fingernail kitty-corner across my forehead.

202 Broadway

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Everyone was talking but me as I sat at a tall table on top of a tall stool on the corner of Broadway and Olive in Seattle. The evening sun coming in low and sideways from the east blinding drivers before it disappeared behind the buildings.

The Bicycle Mechanic

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The hour reflected those pleasant moments when evening hunger can be satiated by anticipation alone, before the pangs become demanding.

Snow Storm

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"I'm going to go home now, the weather is supposed to start getting worse in an hour. Do you want a ride?"

Sunday Services

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MawMaw sets the table for Sunday supper so that it looks all nice with a cloth on top and the food in bowls that get passed around instead of served off the stove like everyday.


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For him, parties are full of evil friction. Flying sparks have nothing to do with getting either digits or laid. They only mean fire. A throat lined with burlap, sucking twice-baked air. Sandpaper eyes and wasabi nostrils making it impossible to focus...

Ice Cold Melon

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She's crafty with words like a savant spider of letters, dancing across paper with inky booties on all eight legs.

A Vicious Deer

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A Vicious Deer The man came across the hall to talk to us. He was buying some paintings. He had a white deer on a leash. Fosca (our Malamute) said: “That's a vicious deer.” She kept putting her paw on its shoulder. I said: “You bet

Swimming Lessons

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The trainers looked at her and smiled and they were still one creature with four legs and two heads. The old man’s left eye moved in sync with the younger one’s right eye.

Impressionist Modern

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I'd never seen a dead person before, let alone one that was living just seconds earlier.


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I am a mean guacamole, she once said, after a glass of wine

Only Temporary

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It was the middle of May when I found out my teacher was screwing my mother.