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Emotional nudist. Navigational dweeb.

Why do you write?

I would like to be a writer one day. I have no idea what I'm doing but will try anyway. Thanks for your patience.

ChrisTopher Meidl's Wall

Tia Prouhet – May 02, 2010

The 'sipped like soup' piece is back up. Carapace. Hooray.

M.H. – Feb 19, 2010

Thank you so much for faving "Origin"!

Ajay Nair – Feb 15, 2010

You are most welcome, Chris. That's a great story.

Finnegan Flawnt – Feb 12, 2010

"i write, therefore i mumble" comes to mind, or perhaps "i wrt thrfr i mble" in tweetish.

Finnegan Flawnt – Feb 11, 2010

good, glib man. though you may consider a title change to "i got a star from finnegan flawnt, too" since i like, yes, i like giving stars.

Tia Prouhet – Feb 10, 2010

Yeah yeah. A book, someday. Lit mags: See for good mags and a god fit. Or read Mel Bosworth's blog (eddiesocko.blogspot something something. Good ideas for lit mags.

Tia Prouhet – Feb 08, 2010

Oh that. Carapace. I've submitted it to a lit mag, so it is hidden until the verdict. On account of "no published work" rules. You never know when someone will consider this publication. So you'll just have to wait :)

Finnegan Flawnt – Feb 08, 2010

The 'Second Tongue' group doesn't encourage but permits tattoos of all shapes on any body part as long as they support the group covenant and reflect globalisation and multilinguality. we might even add branding to our initiation rituals.

Finnegan Flawnt – Feb 08, 2010

hey christopher - no, you certainly qualify since you can spell "deutsch" flawlessly. also, we need more 'emotional nudists' in that group ... cheers flawnt

Douglas Light – Feb 06, 2010

Thanks for the shout out for Aching Hours. Really made my day (that and the fact that the snow storm seems to have missed me).
All the best,

Tia Prouhet – Feb 03, 2010

Oh, T. Very much T. Embellished, naturally.

Tia Prouhet – Feb 01, 2010

Thanks for all your pretty words!

Finnegan Flawnt – Feb 01, 2010

hi christopher. your name is just too german for you not to want to be in the "second tongue" group on fnaut, wherever you come from. welcome!

ChrisTopher Meidl – Jan 26, 2010

Thanks. I'm mostly evil, but it's nice someone can still see the good in me. Maybe this experience will help me purge my way to peace, harmony and better writing skills. Time will tell.

Darryl Price – Jan 25, 2010

Katrina knows all the good people. Welcome.

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