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Good Night, Mrs. Calabash

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You'd never guess that my wife was born in Las Vegas. She was a sentimental, dark-haired, brown-eyed beauty with a dainty manner. She had a coarse streak, but it seldom showed. Her sister had it, too--in spades. Her sister was a foul-mouthed…

Tran Siberian

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She was an easily lit, wide hipped, Stoli-drinking, schemer from Irkutsk that got her claws into an American riding the Iron Rooster from Khabarovsk to Moscow.

The Elvis Latte

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Elvis at a Starbucks. Some graphic words.

Labor Policy

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The City Council supports this policy and, by necessity, ranks human slavery very low on the list of the city’s woes.


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Upon drinking artichoke tea, he found that he'd gained powers.

Sex Dungeon for Sale!

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Calm down, I wouldn’t classify this as a sex dungeon.

Ain't Comin' Back

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He told of the wilting heat, the fulgent landscape, the people....

A Letter to the Girl I May or May Not Have Slept With Last Night

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Can I really be blamed? Look at the circumstantial evidence: you wore that skirt, which can hardly be called a skirt. More like a very wide plaid belt.

Dangling About

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Looking at his pale and pimpled flesh, he was repulsed by his flaccid and lifeless member. The accompanying bits, dangled about far from his frame as the summer heat drew them away from his sweaty and unwashed body.

The Phantom

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Approaching the kitchen from the foyer the reverb lessened until heel and floor where flint on flint. No spark was made.

The Animals

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You're fetching coffee in the kitchen and your mother is patrolling the area with her brutalizing eye. She hands you the cream. Her big pooch can't help himself and besides. You have no idea how long it's been since a man's come in there.

Broken Vase

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Once was when we were in Vegas on layover from L.A., I told her I thought we should go to the Elvis Chapel and get remarried.

The Confession

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"I wasn't hungry. I was looking for a taste.”

Yeah Yeah I Will I Promise

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After we have sex I slip cash into your purse, just a few bucks, without you knowing. You're not a whore, but I'd like to buy you lunch sometime without having to be there.


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The swamp cooler is broken. No hope of a breeze. The weatherman said it that way--no hope.