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Peace-keeping (Valentine's Day Massacre Theme)

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So they told him he better get ready to join the army because that’s where it was at, for him. After all, not everybody could split coconuts with their hands.

Your Mystery

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I took it in my hands and used it on my lips. The taste was just hers: her touch, her smell, her breath in the winter nights. She was in this. Everything we had was in this tube.

What Happens In South America, Stays In South America

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After coughing up shadows of Jameson for a month, tonight was the night she was gonna lay me down like a notch, until I put on the goat skin condom. I heard from the village of her exes that her vaginal walls were transplanted from the throat of a chupacabra.…

Reflection #1

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It is night and the business of plastic has swallowed me like it did my father.

Something Like Nick @ Nite

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It was like that one episode of Roseanne, where Dan's mom (played by Debbie Reynolds) shows up in the middle of the night and then tries to kill him but fails every time. It was just like that. Except first you dug the grave and then I got stuck in the closed garage with…


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She saw no sense in waiting. Waiting was a weakness.

The Prize

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I was one hundred miles from home and buzzing on Old Style and MD20/20. It was my eleventh birthday.

That Baby

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The baby was normal when it came out. Daddy snipped the cord like nothing, the baby screaming silently till the nurse sucked out whatever bloodsnot was stuck in his throat, then there was no turning back, it was there, his voice, his mouth wide and wider, that baby was all…


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She says it to herself, roles it around in the back of her throat.

The Gherkin

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Concerning the procedure, he used the surgical we. "We will remove the excess and the fat cells," he said, "will never bother us again."

Watching Stanley Kowalski in the TV Room of Belle Haven

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That streetcar named Desire, it don't hardly stop for me no more. Leastwise not while I'm awake, and I don't have to be telling no nosy aides why I make them noises in my sleep.

The Hub

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The front door flew open shooting the cold November breeze across the floor and into all corners of the Hub. A few of the locals put down their drinks to rub their arms against the chill.

How To Make It In America

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The punchable faces in Manhattan multiply like cancer...

His Last Tour

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Each day over there didn’t transpire without taking a small piece of him with it. Every day, another chunk of his soul. He could feel himself being hollowed out, bit by bit, eaten alive by this ugly war's silent termites.

A Girl / An Elderly Woman / A Bear

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A girl waiting at the door, heart in a Ziploc. An elderly woman stopping at the bank. A bear in a screaming contest with a troop of girl scouts.