Non-Stop Service

by Mary Szmagaj

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.  On behalf of the captain and crew, I'd like to welcome you aboard Freedom First Airlines flight 84 with non-stop service to New York.  Please direct your attention to the flight attendants as they demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft.

There are several emergency exits: one forward, two aft, and one over each wing.  Please take a moment now to locate the exit closest to you, keeping in mind that it may be behind you.  The convex mirrors overhead will aid you in viewing the portions of the cabin you may not be able to see from your position.  In the unlikely event that we must evacuate the aircraft, floor-level lighting will guide you to an exit.  Open doors by moving the handle in the direction of the arrow.  Each door is equipped with an inflatable slide which can be detached and used as a life raft in the event of a water landing.

A life vest is located in a pouch beneath your seat.  When instructed to do so, remove the vest from the pouch.  Slip it over your head, and secure the straps around your waist.  To inflate the vest, pull firmly on the red cord when leaving the aircraft.  Do not inflate the vest while still aboard.  You can also inflate or reinflate the vest by blowing into the tube.  Your seat cushion can also be used as a flotation device.  Pull the cushion from the seat, slip your arms through the straps, and hug the cushion to your chest.

The emergency waste receptacle strapped to your face doubles as an oxygen mask.  If, at any time during the flight, we experience a loss of pressure in the cabin, oxygen will automatically begin to flow through the upper compartment of the receptacle.  The compartment will not inflate, but oxygen is flowing to the mask.

Your seat's safety restraints are designed for maximal immobilization with minimal discomfort.  If you feel that either your mask or your seat's restraints are improperly adjusted, or if you feel that your eliminatory catheter has not been inserted correctly, please request the assistance of one of the crew after this presentation concludes.  To call a crew member, press the button located beneath the middle finger of your left hand.  Due to security regulations, we are not able to make any adjustments during the flight, so please be sure to call a crew member before takeoff.

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to adjust or remove your own or anyone else's mask, restraints, or catheter.  Doing so is prohibited by law and may result in serious or fatal injury and/or citation and fines.  Excessive movement within the restraints will trigger an alarm.  In the event of an emergency, the captain will release the restraining straps and catheters by remote control from the cockpit.

This and all other safety information can be found on the card attached to seat back in front of you.  We recommend that you read it before takeoff.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a crew member.

Thank you for your attention, ladies and gentlemen.  Our time in the air today should be about eight hours and thirty-five minutes.  Please stop struggling and enjoy the flight.