Caleb J. Ross

Location Kansas City, KS (USA)

Books by Caleb J. Ross
  • by Caleb J Ross
    OW Press, 2009.

  • by Victoria Valentine, Phaedra Valentine
    Water Forest Press, 2008.

  • by David Gardiner
    Unknown, 2009.

  • by Caleb J Ross
    Otherworld Publications, LLC, 2011.

  • by Caleb J Ross
    Otherworld Publications LLC, 2011.

  • by Caleb J. Ross
    Aqueous Books, 2011.

  • by Caleb J. Ross
    Black Coffee Press LLC, 2012.

  • by Caleb J. Ross
    Viscera Irrational, 2012.

  • by Caleb J. Ross
    , 2011.
  • About Me

    Caleb J Ross has been published widely, both online and in print. He is the author of Charactered Pieces: stories (OW Press), Stranger Will: a novel (Otherworld Publications, 2011), I Didn’t Mean to Be Kevin: a novel (Black Coffee Press, 2012), and As a Machine and Parts (Aqueous books, 2011).Visit his official page at, his Twitter feed at @calebjross, his Facebook at and his Google+ at

    Why do you write?

    I’ve reached a point in my writing study where I am tired of intangibles. I want repeatable data. I want the art effect to be measurable. I want to know that word x would elicit reaction y when audience = b and author = a. Can art be scientifically approached? I really want to say yes; we simply haven’t the capacity to do so yet. I am searching for that capacity.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Brian Evenson
    Jose Saramago
    Chuck Palahniuk
    Jorge Luis Borges

    The Stranger by Albert Camus
    Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
    House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
    The Wavering Knife by Brian Evenson

    Caleb J. Ross's Wall

    Caleb J. Ross – Jan 18, 2010

    Thanks for the welcome, Cynthia.

    Cynthia Reeser – Jan 18, 2010

    Welcome to the Prick of the Spindle group, Caleb!

    Caleb J. Ross – Jan 16, 2010

    @Tia - I feel ancient

    Tia Prouhet – Jan 16, 2010

    Caleb J Ross, you are six days older than me. Thought you oughtta know.

    M.H. – Dec 30, 2009

    Thanks Caleb for you kind comments on my story!

    Caleb J. Ross – Dec 29, 2009

    Looks great, David. Thanks! I thought I did send you a Facebook request. Maybe I was dreaming it. I'll check tonight after work (I've got social networking sites blocked at work).

    David Erlewine – Dec 29, 2009

    yo yo yo

    the jmww interview is up at - if we were (cough, cough) facebook friends, i'd have sent you the link; thanks again man

    Caleb J. Ross – Dec 28, 2009


    Mel Bosworth – Dec 28, 2009

    bitty bop.

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