Christian Yetter

Location Jeju-do, South Korea
Occupation Teacher

About Me

I'm 24 years old and teaching English in Korea. I write stories and occasionally plays. I'm successfully learning how to draw, but failing at the actual drawing part.

I twitter or whatever the kids call it these days (profile: floraldeoderant . Yes I know it's misspelled). I have a website, but don't go there. It is holding the place for when all the Cool Exciting Things will go down.

Evasive and unsatisfactory answers in my profile are just placeholders for when I actually have something useful to say.

Why do you write?

I write because not writing sucks worse than writing and sucking.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Both categories in no particular order: Warren Ellis, Joss Whedon, Kelly Link, The Sound and the Fury (first 1/3rd only), Chuck Palahniuk, William Gibson, Marc Nesbitt, Jim Shephard, George Saunders, David Sedaris, Terry Pratchett...

Christian Yetter's Wall

Rachel Yoder – Jan 02, 2010

Ok, so weird, but was Seth Michel your RA in college? Because he's my boyfriend. Weird, right?

Rachel Yoder – Dec 28, 2009

Thanks for your nice comment about my story, Christian. Did you go to school in Iowa City??! I used to be an India Cafe person, but now I think I've switched over to Masala. Truly, though, I'll take either.

Happy New Year to you!

Finnegan Flawnt – Dec 10, 2009

kind of grumpy that picture. grim fella. enjoyed "while we fuck".

Sam Ferree – Dec 09, 2009

Indeed, sir, "Follow" doesn't quite have the same harmless ring as "friend." But, we all know that Facebook was weird right at the beginning with the "poke" option.

Rachel Swirsky – Dec 09, 2009

Hey, Christian! It's good to see you here. ;)

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