Rachel Swirsky

Location Bakersfield, California
Occupation Fiction writer
Website http://www.rachelswirsky.com

Books by Rachel Swirsky
  • by Rich Horton
    Prime Books, 2008.

  • by Peter S. Beagle, Kage Baker, Kelly Link, Jeffery Ford
    Prime Books, 2009.

  • by Gene Wolfe, Peter Straub, Stephen R. Donaldson, Hal Duncan,...
    Ministry of Whimsy, 2009.

  • by Jonathan Strahan
    Night Shade Books, 2009.

  • by Ann VanderMeer, Jeff VanderMeer
    Night Shade Books, 2008.

  • by L. Timmel Duchamp
    Aqueduct Press, 2006.

  • by Pete Butler
    PARSEC Ink, 2008.

  • by Pete Butler
    PARSEC Ink, 2009.

  • by William Schafer, Kage Baker, Poppy Z. Brite, Mike Carey, Jo...
    Subterranean, 2008.

  • by Farah Mendlesohn
    Rackstraw Press, 2006-11.
  • About Me

    I hold an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop and I'm a graduate of Clarion West 2005. I've published a couple dozen short stories in venues like Subterranean Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales, and Tor.com. I live in Bakersfield, California.

    Selected publications:

    "A Memory of Wind" at Tor.com - http://tinyurl.com/memoryofwind

    "Eros, Philia, Agape" at Tor.com - http://tinyurl.com/erosphiliaagape

    "A Monkey Will Never Be Rid of Its Black Hands" at Subterranean Online - http://tinyurl.com/monkeysblack

    "Dispersed by the Sun, Melting in the Wind" at Subterranean Online - http://tinyurl.com/dispersedmelting

    "Marrying the Sun" at Fantasy Magazine -http://tinyurl.com/marryingthesun

    Why do you write?

    I write for artistic and political reasons, but I tend not to think in terms of muses and inspiration so much at this point. It's my work.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Octavia Butler, Tanith Lee, Toni Morrison, Terry Pratchett, Guy Gavriel Kay, Maureen McHugh, Nalo Hopkinson, Edward P. Jones, Kelly Link, Margaret Atwood, Marge Piercy...

    Rachel Swirsky's Wall

    Erin Fitzgerald – Dec 15, 2009

    Hi Rachel! I've been reading you since you were featured on Jeff VanderMeer's site. (Maybe subconscious latent SLC radar?) At any rate, very glad you're here -- and thanks for the comment!

    Julia Glassman – Dec 10, 2009


    Christian Yetter – Dec 09, 2009

    Cheers for the invite, Rachel!

    Sam Ferree – Dec 09, 2009

    Hey, Rachel! Thanks for the invite!

    Nora Nahid Khan – Dec 09, 2009

    HI RACHEL! Thanks for introducing me to this site. This is pretty fabulous. Looking forward to reading your posts. NNK

    Tim Jones-Yelvington – Dec 06, 2009

    Fictionaut wouldn't let me hyphenate.

    Rachel Swirsky – Dec 06, 2009

    Thank Marcelle and Meg! I'm still poking my way around here. :)

    M.H. – Dec 05, 2009

    Hi Rachel, I love Skyscrapers - great pic, too :)

    Meg Pokrass – Dec 04, 2009

    Hi, Rachel. A friend Tim's is a friend indeed. Welcome!

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