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Love Me, Tender

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The karaoke clique at Los Americanos Cantina called him “The Lisping Elvis” though his speech impediment was more cwust for crust than thithy for sissy. But too late for splitting hairs—he’d been stamped.


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Seven black and orange Tortoise-shell kittens nursed in a crate the day Sue returned from rehab, to her parent's Atlanta home.

Ten Things I Love About Portland

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There are ten things I love about Portland, but I cannot remember them.


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naturally, the windowless ones are the worst.

Subway Imitator

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The imitator’s segue to his sad life story was, “But what isn’t funny…”

Man Down

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Ceramic. Reflective aluminum. Plastic in varying shades of pastel. A cluster of twenty bowls lined in a tidy row against the far wall of the kitchen. Leo fills each one; he has a system, food (two cups, no more, no less) then water (to the brim), food the

Mister Jones

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The new guy answered to Jones so that’s what we called him...

What Our Fathers Knew

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The clickity-click of poker chips spills out to the six of us waiting for a table. We're old college buddies, drunk since one this afternoon, sporting the ball caps our wives never let us wear. We brag. About our poker wins, how easy it is to read each other, how we can…

The Words Fall Into Ash

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The two were huddled in a corner of an alley, joined by some others that I’m sure wandered into the darkness when they realized they were far from alone. That alley was the one off Market Street. I used to steal candy from the corner shop when I was nin


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Somebody get me some more deodorant before I start onomotopoeing in a splishing, splashing river.

I Know the Bad News

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And your disease is common, but it is not treatable and it is dirty and quick and it makes the best parts of you hide inside of the deepest parts of you.

December 1999

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... and you can’t balance your checkbook or divide a three-way bill in a restaurant but you can still recite all the sixteen ways of SHAUN CASSIDY TELLS: 16 WAYS TO TURN ME ON!


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..Life pivoted.


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Fleas were a constant reminder that humans are food.


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In another life you would have learned to cook.