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Animals in the Sky

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When the great comet passed over, everyone was at my door with pitch forks and rifles with extra long bayonets. Don’t kill it yet; I want to study its habits.

On Mondays, Francesca Takes the Stairs

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The first flight is effortless

Come See the Monkey

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The monkey had free reign of the yard, enjoyed his wanderings from one metal post to the other, from where, if he pulled and stretched just right, he could eat the woman's roses.


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I did not know it was you at first. You tricked me in your feathered form, a fine white tuxedo and black tie, your dark shoes polished to shine on Mars. You were a god to me but I still didn't recognize you at the lake. You floated out of the dark, froth


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A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, my grandmother always said.

The Titan. An Office Romance

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The Titan, the last of his kind—his current name bears no connection to his past—sits in his cubicle, typing away. He took this job because he likes math. For 5,645 years, he has been hiding from Olympic gods intent upon killing him. Now that they ar

Stupid's Rising Up

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Stupid's rising up, I see. Melting all the intellect. I before E, except after C, but that's not how the alphabet goes.

Of a Hat At the Drop

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For the next month, six months, seven years, it doesn’t matter, God rapes me with his assertion that He is Love and I’m going to be saved in spite of myself through this doe-eyed creature.

My Love Affair With The Unknown Comic

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At least, I think it was him. It sure looked like him.


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In Honduras they say a prayer that sounds like screaming at the top of your lungs...


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Lemon carved caverns in the fleshy pink parts of my mouth, seeking open sores where it could twist and play, making me wonder what it is I like about citrus fruits.


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Two thousand and two was the worst year for love in the history of sports. People carried their sadness around in wheelbarrows.

The Night of the Day the Khoi-Khoi Meet Bartolomeu Dias and Crew

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It keeps coming back to the end of the world. Dogs sitting on roofs, birds flying about indoors, clattering locusts.


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When the whistle drops, do not take any guff.

The Egg

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It was spring. The stepmother brought her newish daughter to the toy store for a surprise.