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Julie Innis – Jun 15, 2011

J. Bear - thanks for the attention to those 2 stories that seem to have fallen off the face of Fictionaut with nary a peep. Very glad that they found you to read them.

MaryAnne Kolton – May 24, 2011

Great. What's the J. for and FYI I liked to be called Your Royal Highness. . .

MaryAnne Kolton – May 23, 2011

You read Sex w/Strangers perfectly! I think the Catholics did away with purgatory some time ago - not on my watch, tho. . .thank you J. What do you prefer to be called? J. or J. Bear?

Julie Innis – May 22, 2011

much thanks J. Bear!

James Lloyd Davis – Apr 03, 2011

J. Bear ... now that's a name for a writer. Thanks for the fave and the comment on "She said."

Robert Vaughan – Feb 06, 2011

Hi J. Bear...thanks for the comments about "10,000 Dollar Pyramid." I could tell you about what happens after that J.F.K. section. But...then I would have to kill ya.
How about this? Add me as a contact and we will negotiate?

Larry Strattner – Feb 05, 2011

Thanks for the comment on my quasi Jack London Robert Altman (McCabe and Mrs. Miller) piece. It seemed timely. I hope you too are surviving the winter. Cheers LS. PS re my 8/27 comment to you I wrote "The Duck" as a chapter in a book in progress. It came out pretty well but it's too long to post here. (At least too long for the 300 word fans.)

Matthew A. Hamilton – Apr 16, 2010

Thanks for your comment on The Land of the Four Rivers.

Bear Savo – Mar 30, 2010

@ Sheldon: :) Thanks. Will do...

See ya – Mar 30, 2010

You're totally wearing a tux in your profile pic. How very metal. Rock on.

Larry Strattner – Aug 27, 2009

Thanks for the comments and fav. The writing world needs more of us less serious types. Good luck with your writing. I would think Auctioneering would provide a wealth of source material at all levels. As a matter of fact, your profession gave me the idea to write a story about something that happend around me at an auction once that was pretty funny. I still have the Tiffany vase I bought at that auction for a couple hundred but it's nothing compared to the duck I watched change hands. I'll get started on it now.

James Robison – Aug 14, 2009

Thanks, John. Welcome.

David Erlewine – Aug 14, 2009

Hi John, thanks for the compliment on my 25 or less piece. It's based on a 4000+ word story I wrote years ago that never went anywhere. I think I whittled it down enough now. :) Take care, David

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