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About Me

I teach writing at the Writing Salon in Berkeley, California. My short fiction, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction have been published in many literary magazines, both on-line and in print. I've been a semifinalist for the Iowa Fiction Prize for two different short story collections twice. And a finalist twice for the Black Lawrence Press Prizes for the same two collections.

Why do you write?

Paintings by women impressionists, Paintings by Chagall, writing in my journal, walking, meeting with other writers, words, my past, dissonance, synchronicity. I write because I have to. I wrote stories in high school that made people cry, so I thought I must be good at this. I write because it's fulfilling to me on a deeply personal level. I used to write because I had stuff I had to get out of me; now, I think I write because I want to learn something new about the world.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Katherine Brady, Tobias Wolff, Mary Robison, Kate Chopin, Katherine Anne Porter, Ron Carlson, Raymond Carver, Hemingway, Stuart Dybek....Catcher in the Rye, Any contemporary short story collection: Olive Kittredge, Interpreter of Maladies...I could keep going...Sudden Fiction....

Jamey Genna's Wall

Doug Bond – Jun 23, 2010

Hey Jamey...thanks for your comments on Wild Blue Yonder....hope to see you at a reading or other event this summer!

Nora Nadjarian – Dec 24, 2009

hi jamey thanks for commenting on Mother Tongue... paintings by marc chagall, i love those too!

M.H. – Oct 29, 2009

Hi Jamey,
Thanks for the great comments on Flotation Device!

Meg Pokrass – Oct 04, 2009

Doug and I both had fun on this site tonight! Love it. I'm vowing to try and post more!

Gail Siegel – Aug 04, 2009

Thanks for reading Furniture, Jamey. I'll look forward to reading your work -- you've got quite the bio. And any friend of Meg's....

When I was in junior high, I tried to change my name to Jamie. I'd forgotten about it until my brother reminded me a few months ago. It didn't work. But Iam very fond of your name.

ABxx – Aug 04, 2009

Hello Jamey,

Thanks for the feedback on my story!

Meg Pokrass – Jul 29, 2009

Welcome to Fictonaut - it's great knowing you're here now. Can't wait to read your stories!

Darryl Price – Jul 28, 2009

Hi Jamey-- I like your blog very much. It felt immediately friendly and honest and creative.All the pictures were warm and loving. Glad you're here.

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