Giant Piece of Art Causes Chaos in Switzerland

by Jerry Ratch



Flying Piece of Art Causes Chaos in Switzerland

(from news article, with some additions)


A giant inflatable dog turd by an American artist blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss Museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before it landed again.

            The art work, entitled “Holy Crap,” was the size of a house, and ten previously homeless people from the U.S. were living in it at the time. They were noticeably shaken by the event.

            First of all they didn't know they'd woken up in Switzerland, although they did notice quite a bit of yodeling, but thought it was merely a rare dream they were having.

            The wind carried their giant dog turd house 200 meters (yards, more or less) from the museum before it fell back to Earth in the grounds of a children's home. The inflatable turd broke a window at the children's home, causing quite a stir, not to mention nightmares, among the sleeping little angels.

            The art work had a safety system for just such an event supposedly, which normally makes it deflate when there is a shit-storm nearby, but this did not work, God only knows why, when it blew away.

            It was not immediately clear whether the museum even wanted the piece of crap to go back on display.

            “Why does this kind of crap keep happening to us?” the curator was overheard saying, while tugging at his lederhosen.




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