Kenton K. Yee

Location Silicon Valley, California
Occupation writer, creativity entrepreneur

About Me

Kenton K. Yee has placed poetry and fiction in The Threepenny Review (forthcoming), The Los Angeles Review, The Indianapolis Review, Pembroke Magazine (forthcoming), Plume Poetry, Tipton Poetry Journal, The Rupture, Matter, Ligeia Magazine, Summerset Review, Delta Poetry Review (forthcoming), Hollins Critic (forthcoming), museum of americana: a literary review (forthcoming), Abstract Magazine TV (forthcoming), miniskirt (forthcoming), Five South (forthcoming), PANK, Hobart, Necessary Fiction, Daily Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, Gyroscope Review, The Metaworker Literary Magazine, The Elevation Review, Trampoline, Drabblecast, Shotgun Honey, Akashic Books, DOGZPLOT, A cappella Zoo, Cafe Irreal, Corium Magazine, Word Riot, elimae, Mud Luscious, Monkeybicycle, Every Day Fiction, Every Day Poets, Brain Harvest, Perihelion, Bartleby Snopes, Apollo's Lyre, Liquid Imaginations, and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, among others. Trained in theoretical physics, law, investing and economics, he writes from northern California.

(-- for poems, scroll down)

Party (The Rupture, Issue 116, December 2021)

My Parallel Worlds (The Rupture, Issue 116, December 2021)

Screaming Meemie (Shotgun Honey)

So Many Holes in This Our Universe (Necessary Fiction)

The Prenup Murders (Akashic Books: Mondays are Murder series)

Awakening (Daily Science Fiction)

Shooting Stars (A cappella Zoo, Issue 11, Fall 2013;
reprint in Palms166, a Stanford alumni anthology, 2017)

Marriage for Moonlighters (Monkeybicycle)

Goldilocks and the Three Point Five Bears (Corium Magazine)

Your Gedanken Collection (Hobart)

The Oldest Game in Town (Cafe Irreal)

Indistinguishable (Quantum Shorts)
(anthologized in Quantum Shorts: Collected Flash Fiction Inspired by Quantum Physics)
published by the Centre for Quantum Technologies in collaboration with Scientific American and Nature)
reprinted in The Metaworker Literary Magazine (March 14, 2022)

Cosmological Expansion (DOGZPLOT)

Aurora's Sky (Every Day Fiction)

Losing His Voice (Word Riot)

Bot Gone, Ramifications (Perihelion)
(It's the second story on this "shorter stories" page).

Author interview at PANK Magazine

Try My Shank (PANK, 7/5/2012;
performed by Matt Weller in Drabblecast 280 podcast)

The Roach Under Her Bed
The Los Angeles Review, volume 11, Spring 2012, pp 177-178

Irreversible Dad
Brain Harvest, 21 August 2011
Anthologized in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader presents Flush Fiction: 88 Short-Short Stories You Can Read in a Single Sitting (Apr 2012, Bathroom Readers' Institute)

Allure (Word Riot)

Wholly Matrimony (with animation, Liquid Imaginations)

Teenage Housefly (Word Riot)

Daddy, Wake Up (Bartleby Snopes)


Blind Spots (Pembroke Magazine, Issue 54, 2022, print only)

New Room (The Elevation Review, special National Poetry Month issue, April 2022)

Second Sevens (Gyroscope Review, Issue 22-2: Spring 22, p 9 [first poem])

Auguries of Avalanche (The Indianapolis Review, Issue 19: Winter 22)

Metaphor of A Muse (The Summerset Review, Winter 22)

The Art of Cake (The Summerset Review, Winter 22)

Venus Flytrap (Ligeia Magazine, Summer 21)

The Monday Following Your Execution (Tipton Poetry Journal, Issue 49, Summer 2021, p 24)

Corporate Life (Matter, September 2021)

Plastic Rose (Matter, September 2021)

For Your Eighteenth Birthday (Plume Poetry, July 2021)

Self-Driven Taxi (Strange Horizons)
Read by Ciro Faienza (Strange Horizons podcast)

Mole With a Motto (Trampoline, Issue 8.6A)

The Many Words Interpretation of Classical Mechanics (Every Day Poets)

As You Urinate (Partners in Rhyme: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry)

If a Black Hole Could (Every Day Poets)

Hole-19b (elimae)

Newtonian Gravitation (Every Day Poets)

One Convenience Store Clerk’s Contribution to Cable TV Ratings (Monkeybicycle)

Losing his Voice (Word Riot)

Inside a Restaurant Aquarium (Monkeybicycle)

Prehensile Tongue (Short, Fast, and Deadly)

Why do you write?

“To omit a word always, to resort to inept metaphors and obvious periphrases, is perhaps the most emphatic way of stressing it.” -- Jorge Luis Borges in The Garden of Forking Paths

Any favorite authors? Books?

I don't really have "favorites" (they drift over time), but Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, Louise Glück, Emily Dickinson, Kazuo Ishiguro, Haruki Murakami, and John Edward Williams, among others, seem relevant to me this summer. But ask me next month and the list may fluctuate.

Kenton K. Yee's Wall

Bill Yarrow – Aug 21, 2012

Thanks for commenting on "Not Enough Sin to Go Around," Kenton. re: "redacted." The speaker is thinking that sometimes a shaky present makes one want to reimagine the past.

Gary Percesepe – Aug 14, 2012

kenton, thanks for reading and commenting on my piaon piece--



Matthew Robinson – Aug 13, 2012

Appreciate the comment on "Shell of My Future Self," Kenton. Look forward to reading more of your work!

Marcus Speh – Aug 12, 2012

thanks for commenting on "in the nude", fellow ex-physicist!

Matthew Robinson – Aug 07, 2012

Thanks, Kenton, for the comments on the oppressionist and how we made gravity about us!

Susan Tepper – Aug 07, 2012

Kenton thank you for reading my story Wreath and your lovely comment! Cheers! susan

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 04, 2012

And thank you for your kind comment on There's Going to be a Story at the End. You must be really busy between your demanding writing program and Fictionaut.

Gloria Garfunkel – Aug 02, 2012

Kenton, thank you for your insightful comment on The Sneeze. I responded at the story site. I also enjoyed your story about poor Irreversible Dad.

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