Todd Keisling

Location Pennsylvania
Occupation Writer/Author/Blogger/Professional Wise Ass/Eater of Souls

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  • by Todd Keisling
    Precipice Books, 2010.
  • About Me

    I'm a lot of things:

    I'm a writer of stories. I'm the guy who wrote A LIFE TRANSPARENT. I'm an independent author.

    I'm also a husband, a reader, an avid music fan, film buff, and player of many video games. But mostly I'm a writer. Mostly.

    Why do you write?

    I write because because I like to tell stories. I write because I like to inspire thought in others.

    I also write because I can't draw, I'm horrible with algebra, Hollywood is too fake, and being a doctor would mean more student loans.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    Do I really have to list them all?

    Todd Keisling's Wall

    Kirsty Logan – Apr 14, 2010

    Fancy seeing you here! Welcome, welcome.

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