Lorraine Joubert

Location Johannesburg
Occupation Social Worker / Imago Professional Facilitator
Website https://sites.google.com/site/joubertlorraine/

About Me

I am a river. I flow where I flow. I change. I am the same river. I have different moods, needs, and emotions. Today, I may be a wide, raging torrent. Tomorrow, I may be a shallow, bubbly stream. This afternoon, I may be a deep, calm brook. Next week, I may be a dangerous, but awesome waterfall. With me, I carry my history and future. On my banks is the debris of previous hurts. Floating in me, are the debris of my current pain. On my bottom crawls the dreck of painful traumas. Flowing is who I am. Life and death is a never-ending cycle in me and on my banks. I am a life, and a source of life. I am a place of death. I provide shelter, food, cleansing, refreshment, life… People come to me to eat, to drink, to bath, to rest, to play, to heal… They visit my banks for a moment of romance or meditation. I cannot flow upwards. I cannot fly (I am not an eagle). I can wear through a rock. I can flow around a mountain. I can fall down a cliff - at first, slowly trickling down, then becoming a mighty waterfall - if I need to (but that is scary for me and for you...) I have endless possibilities. I provide endless possibilities. I am a river…

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Why do you write?

I am an introvert. I am a listener. I sometimes need to express my thoughts and feelings. I write to do this. In writing I heal. In writing I become whole. In writing, I flow...

Any favorite authors? Books?

F.A. Venter – his descriptions is better than seeing it live. N.P. van Wyk Louw – dramatic but he understood the conflict within man. Kas van den Bergh – was he cynical or overly romantic? P.G. du Plessis and Herman Charles Bosman has a way to understand the nuances of character. Francine Rivers – has a wonderful style. Dr. Seuss - Oh, the places you'll go, is such a simple way of sharing profound truths. In the self help genre - Martha Beck. Poetry - Koos du Plessis.

Lorraine Joubert's Wall

Jack Swenson – Jun 16, 2010

Thank you, Lorraine. I really appreciate your comment about the cliches in my story. I love to use cliches! I feel right at home with those old expressions. And I know it makes the folks in the MFA programs boil!

Lorraine Joubert – Jan 25, 2010

D.P. Thank you - I'll be flowing better soon. Right now, I am a bit hampered...

Lorraine Joubert – Jan 25, 2010

Finnegan, thanks! Soon!

Darryl Price – Jan 25, 2010

I like your flow.

Finnegan Flawnt – Jan 23, 2010

lorraine! welcome to the fnaut! looking forward to having you around, writing, reading. cheers ff

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