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lost something

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my hand is closing;grasping insubstantialair particles thatescape into my fleshypink lungs. imaginary magpies take flight fromthe runways of my whorled greymind. their wingbeats soundlike dust at the morning's end;like finality…

4 Chapters

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But I don't see the cabinets, or know how to put the 4 chapters he's talking about today into the drawers that are invisible, floating, above his bed he's been in for a year, me sitting next to him, becoming a spinster.

Forgotten Moments

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I write to do the impossible.

Missing the Forgotten

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Twenty-six years after leaving, I wanted to forget.

Amy-Loyd Plax

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When I no longer know you, what signal will you give to remind me that you and I once loved?


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there is a vault in the mountains / that in itself contains infinite vaults