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The Short but Fulfilled Life of a Dream

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It kind of reminded him of a giant, real life game and not virtual reality. He was weaving in and out of cars so fast that you might have thought he was knitting or something.

Head of Cabbage

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I see you walk by every day, as our paths seem to intersect somewhere. It is never even the same places, most of the time. The more it happens, the more I have found myself becoming inwardly excited to see you. You have no idea the fantasies I have had lately- I doubt you…

Surge of the Mind

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I see myself. I see infinite emptiness, I see everlasting limitation.

Prosaic Miscellany

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Some days, you want all the red states to secede


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The story of my life/ would put insomniacs to sleep.

Awaiting the End of Time

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The alphabets will disappear.

Three Short Pieces

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#spotify / Elevators / Sky Burial Monologue