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The Song of the Jardin Venus

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The place is a living rebirth, And all death is only temporary. For soon in the land, the soil, For soon in

Beside the Still Waters

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“You. There,” said the fellow, pointing his gun like a dead finger. “You believe that water saves the soul, don’t you?” Thomas looked to the other boys for an answer, but they didn’t know any more than he did.


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She was now sitting in her bathtub. The warmth of the water made her pale, rich vanilla skin flushed with the fullness of circulation as her pores continued to allow the passage of her toxins from her system.


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At the center of the world our bodies float over each other near to everything, at the center of being Not like arrows pointing in three directions but like our own bodies pulsing in and out Laughter can cure nearly anything it is sa

La Sombra

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The big-mouthed white woman came to the desert to study water. There are coyotes and rats and cactus and ocotillo. People and chickens and horses and cows. Lizards and bats. Scorpions and flies. Cats and dogs. There are four madrones in the plaza.

My Insides Are Made Of Water

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I am the ocean. My soulless organs live in all of its motionless movement. I am the low. The high. The in between. I am nothing. Back and forth, I simply float along: existing, rising, and then falling into a life that can be considered one big decision left…


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Soon after, I notice while washing my face in the shower that the palms of my hands have a new texture, rough and bumpy. I turn off the water, squeeze drops from my hair, and step out of the tub. I wipe my face with a towel and peer at my hands.

The Man Who Lives In My Shower

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There is a man who lives in my shower. He was here when I moved into my apartment three months ago, so I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

Oil and Water

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Not a god damned word was uttered about how they mixed oil and water

Oil and Water

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They knew it was there and didn't say a god damned thing.

The Man who was followed by butterflies

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They hovered and darted but, after a while, they seemed to be always around him. Lapping at him like the mellow waves that stroked the muddy bank.

The Stay Apparatus

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I'm upside down on my hands with my eyes to the drain, when the bottom of the tub shakes free of the rest of the bathroom and starts sinking. I descend with it into the dark water, past the submerged pipes, down into a bubbly abyss.

while we sleep

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The tide pushes through the bottom of the door. It fingers our hair where we sleep on our mattresses. It rises to the level of our windows and pulls us to sea where we rock upon the mournful waves, the seagulls distant and crying, our nightgowns soaked and sticking to us,…


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He wanted to say the waves were colossal, but part of him didn’t want to scare them. He liked them being brave. He liked them being fearless.

Night Swim

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She wrapped her legs around him. His hand barely held the rope and later he could not have said if it happened above or below the water’s surface.