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About Me

I'm a simple man from a simple place, with a simple life and simple taste.
I enjoy long walks, just as everyone does; sans beach but oh well, there's always the love.
I have a Cat and a Dog, who speak in code; I play none the wiser, yet have always known.
The Cat told the Dog I was silly with glee, but Dog told Cat I was smarter than it deemed.
The Cat scoffed at this in apparent disbelief, whilst Dog secretly pined for a lost scrap of meat.
The day soon came when I arrived home late, to an adobe left in a most disheveled shape.
The Cat had done it, there was to be no doubt; it and Dog were out and about
Setting up traps of every day things, from scissors to needles to discarded canes.
But I'm not as dim as Cat believes, despite my penchant for walks and ridiculous dreams.
I sought it out with paper in hand, rolled up tightly and ready to land.
I looked high and looked low, but to not avail; Cat was hidden, and hidden quite well.
With careful step I avoided my doom, planted carefully around and shadowed by gloom.
Until the Dog I did find with tail set on high, its eyes filled with wonder and silly surprise.
Where is Cat? I asked of the Dog, and was met quite suddenly with a belch and a sob
That rose from inside of the canine’s belly; the Cat, it would seem, had supplanted the deli.
And that is why I will always defend, that there is no greater gift
than man’s best friend.

Why do you write?

My creativity is fueled by the ingestion of other writers' brains. Mmmmm...cerebrum.

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Marcus Walton – Jan 17, 2009

What? Leslie?

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