Marcus Walton

Location Nashville, TN
Occupation Student
Website http://

About Me

I'm a recent college grad, hesitant about gradschool but not knowing what else to do (!)
Also considering becoming an EMT, going to lawschool or barber college, organ harvesting and seminary.

Why do you write?

My faith and my doubt fire my creative impulses; the place where they meet, really. Different stories all have their own reasons for being written. I guess if I'm looking for anything, it's these singular reasons for things to be written, not the stories themselves. If there's a need there, if something needs to be told, the telling will come, I feel. It has, often, for me. But I've written most things from brute force (probably something common among writers).

Any favorite authors? Books?

C.S. Lewis, for writing so cleanly, accessibly, and with such purpose. Purpose is a much scarier thing to wield than, say, existential angst (cut it out, Kafka). I like purpose. Flannery O'Connor's short story The River. Walker Percy's The Moviegoer. Willa Cather's Paul's Story. White Nights by Doestoevsky. Go and read these if you havent. Rife with purpose (even if cut with a little modern dizziness).

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