Jackelope Random

Location Oregon
Occupation Fence-Sitter
Website http://tinyurl.com/oml7od
IM (AIM) yusakuotonashi

Any favorite authors? Books?

I like the books NHK ni Yokoso! and Kokoro, as well as the pillow book and The Sound of Waves. I like Ender's Game and the Illuminatus Trilogy and Philip K. Dick. I like James Joyce and Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. I like Andrew Marvell and AE Houseman. I like JK and Ginsberg and Burroughs for their style, although I think they are all terrible people. I like John Jakes books and The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Truth, and the Tao Teh King. Gilgamesh I like, as well as the Greek mythological cycle. I don't like Beowulf, it is terrible and not even a good pulp story at that. I like HP Lovecraft and Jack T. Chick.
Your writing is terrible, and I hate it.

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Darryl Price – Mar 31, 2009

Perhaps you would like Stephen Mitchell's translations. Try one. I love James Joyce but Campbell strikes me as lost or hypnotized by his own staring into the eyes of the abyss.He is a fairly nice traveling companion if a little long-winded..just like this particular poster.

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