Kynik; or, Doggerel I

by Jackelope Random

Can't you go faster

Said the disciple to the master

Won't you speed up the car

I know that you're loaded

And I've already goaded

You into crashing through the star

But we need

To pick up more speed

As we break past all the flames

So we might soon demise

In this the problem lies

And break out of our games

Said the master to the young

It cannot be done

For I broke the gear shift just now

The young one cried why

The monk said “to live is to die”

Be more like that cow

And they flailed and the failed

Right into the dung

Everything changed

As they hadn't yet begun

To sing the songs of sixpence

Or other scurrilous verse

But they knew a ribald roundelay

That couldn't be worse

About a woman and a jaunty lad

That was all about the Dik-Dik he had

Running through the African planes

Now I'm not cynic--

It's rather a pain--

But this doggerel done

Is no kind of fun--

And it sends one right off the train!