by Jerry Ratch


“We can walk anywhere and we can stop at some new cafĂ© where we don't know anyone and nobody knows us and have a drink.”

                                                                                                                --  Hemingway



At the center of the world

our bodies float over each other

near to everything, at the center

of being


Not like arrows pointing in three directions

but like our own bodies

pulsing in and out


Laughter can cure nearly anything

it is said

it's so precious

It's like an undiscovered metal

no one knows anything about



And when they discover how rare it is

O look out!

They'll come to wage wars over it —

that's how badly it is needed


It's widely known

how we could live on laughter



Not air, not water nor land

is more precious

Who cares about the apples hanging from trees?

Who cares about the lovely pomegranate?

We come to care little for the perfect orange


But for a small glassful of laughter

we would kill. Yes, kill