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Location Australia

About Me

I've been a kindergarten teacher, an office temp, a bartender, waitress and shop assistant. I've also studied acting (performing at the Edinburgh Festival) and filmmaking (my first short film, ‘Spin,’ screened at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival). My postgraduate studies in Creative Writing have led to my current incarnation as a freelance writer (and graphic designer) with a number of short stories published in anthologies and online and three novel-length fiction manuscripts in my bottom drawer.

Compelled by the rhythms and tones of language, I’ve begun to put my stories online – not simply as written text but as audio podcasts, with the hope that I can do something towards verbally interpreting the pace, pauses and emotion I feel as the words emerge on my computer screen. is constantly evolving as I add stories and do my best to improve my performance and technical skills. But with an aim to share my work with more people, it seemed worth a try!

Any favorite authors? Books?

Paul Auster
Margaret Atwood
Theodor Geisel
Noel Streatfield
William Shakespeare (I really do even though it's probably corny or pretentious to say so)
(Apart from everything by the authors above)
Jane Eyre
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Unkindest Cut - How a Hatchet Man Critic Made his own $7000 movie and put it all on his Credit Card

Alison Earls's Wall

Mike Lynch – Apr 15, 2011

my pleasure! i also shared a link a link to your site over on my twitter feed. hope that's cool!

Mike Lynch – Apr 15, 2011

WOW! i randomly stumbled into your website, clicked around a bit, and listened to you read a few stories. awesome stuff alison. you're a fantastic reader! i'm way jealous. i mean, i enjoy reading, but there's no way i'll ever read like that. :)

ABxx – Sep 16, 2010

Hi Alison--

No problem. I look forward to reading more of your work!


Wildhoop Productions – Sep 02, 2010

You're welcome, Alison, and I'm happy your friend convinced you to post your writing. I enjoyed your little story a lot.

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