Siren of Brixton

Location London, UK

About Me

I'm an aspiring writer again. I was in my twenties, but then it seemed like I should grow up and get a proper job.

I write anonymously because I have an online profile for work and didn't want to censor my writing for fear of 'worlds colliding'.

I try to write one new short piece a week while I work on a longer project.

Why do you write?

I write because writing makes me sane. I'm inspired by everything. Words help me make sense of the world.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Douglas Adams is sorely missed. Margaret Atwood eagerly anticipated. Some faves: The Poisonwood Bible, Middlesex, Q&A, The Life of Pi, Like Water for Elephants. Currently dithering between my first Huraki Murakami or a second attempt at Saturday.

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