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Life Interrupted.

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Sorry, did that hurt?


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I wanted to kill her –

A mostly true story about the Coca-Cola Museum

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At work I recommended someone go to the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta. I told you about recommending it to someone. “I always wanted to go back there,” I said. “You did? You never told me,” you said.

Of Turnips, Giants and Men

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The giant raised his tree, preparing to club the most recent knight-errant, when a voice caught his attention. “Pick on someone your own size!” The giant turned. The knight wasn’t going anywhere with his horse on top of him, and he was k

What Old Tamber Had to Say

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“They say she lives alone out there.” “What, like out in the woods?” “Not like way back in a cabin or anything, but in a little house out there off the road. I'm not even sure she has a car.” “What, does she…

Two Sides

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"What if he's dead?"

Inaccurate Recollection

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Q: How do you explain immaculate conception?

Jam Sessions with Wannabe Rock Stars

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Hey Sledge! Yo. Did you know Socrates hated the idea of writing thoughts down? He said it weakened the memory…made us lazy. Say wha? That's why he never wrote a book. The only way we know about him is through his student Plato's writing. St

Meaningless conversations

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“I wanted coffee, not art. That’s why I came here, and the coffee here isn’t even that good. We should have gone to the place across town, their lattes are the best.” “How do you determine the best coffee? Do you think they have judges that go from sto


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“You're right by the mall, the cultural district, and just a few minutes from downtown,” the realtor smiled. “And it's on a bus line?” the wife asked. “Yes it…

The Party

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Mike poured vermouth over his Campari and ice. “Gotta say, you have the most amazing view up here.” “Thanks. It's great when I'm washing dishes.” “Yeah, and the view in your front room isn't bad either. This cocktail …


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A story about convincing people to do things they don't want to do, written entirely in dialogue; originally published by CHEAP POP.

Greet Death

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where are you now?

Deep June Pool

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I may be the shadow that I am, but I only ever loved you.