William Owen

Location Jersey City, NJ
Occupation Digital Publishing
Website http://theangryhug.blogspot.com

About Me

It is never about me. Oh, this is about me? You're sure? Ok. For a long time I was happy to play the straight man despite not being in on the joke. Or at least that was what living in a small town felt like. Playing MtG was a cultural experience. Being a college dude didn't help the nagging impression there wasn't even really a joke at all, practicing kata and sitting seiza didn't solve the problem, then Bill Hicks and Kurt Vonnegut started to sort me out and I got altruistic, and that was good. Saving the world makes you feel like a superhero, and the girls and the boys are all very sweet people for the most part, what with the cuddle puddles. I earned an MFA from Goddard. Now I live in the Jerz, I write with the Postcard Fiction Collaborative, and I'm running my first triathlon this July.

Why do you write?

Writing is a terrific excuse to sit still. A professor once told me he wrote poetry because it allowed him to perfect doing nothing, and I've always admired that, the willingness to remove oneself from the moment and let the mind "strike an eddy and whirl ; marked by a curdy spume" as W.C.W. put it.

I remember most of my dreams, and thankfully they are often about gigantic war turles and gelatinuous seas, and as a writer do ply the craft as an Oneirovore, but mostly it is watching people and coffee that fuels my work.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Authors - William Carlos Williams, Cormac McCarthy, Flannery O'Connor, Leslie Marmon Silko, George Oppen, Heather McHugh, Keri Hulme, Jeanette Winterson, Jonathon Skinner, Rebecca Brown, Roberto Bolano, Neil Gaiman, Michael Chabon, Charles Portis, Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Bill Hicks, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Rilke, Tolkien, Eliot, Martin McDonagh, Aaron Sorkin, David Foster Wallace

Books - Promethea, Cats Cradle, God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, Blood Meridian, The Crossing, The Passion, Legends of the Fall, Wonder Boys, The Sandman, The Invisibles, True Grit, The Name of the Wind, LOTR, The Hobbit, Transmetropolitan, Ceremony, Fight Club, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, To Kill a Mockingbird, Iduna, Political Cactus Poems, The Music of Chance, Consider the Lobster

William Owen's Wall

William Owen – Jan 04, 2011

The 2010 wrap up session of the PFC: http://postcardfictioncollaborative.blogspot.com/2010/11/rudolph-ii.html

Barbara DeCesare will be our guest writer in January.

William Owen – Nov 01, 2010

Look y'alls, more Postcard Fiction: http://postcardfictioncollaborative.blogspot.com/2010/10/prospect-park-map.html

Now with more potential for fire!

William Owen – Sep 29, 2010

We have posted some new fiction up at the PFC: http://postcardfictioncollaborative.blogspot.com/

There's a donkey!

William Owen – Sep 02, 2010

Also, I am 30 now. My campaign for the US Senate is based on spite and undifferentiated malice.

William Owen – Sep 02, 2010

Year 2 of the Postcard Fiction Collabortive begins! http://postcardfictioncollaborative.blogspot.com/2010/08/fall.html

William Owen – Aug 16, 2010

Don't think I figured out where to post this until I figured out the wall, so here's this from several weeks ago courtesy of the wonderly wonderful folks at Staccato: http://staccatofiction.com/?p=482

William Owen – Aug 09, 2010

Well this is just super keen, a story by Danny Rubin (he wrote Groundhog Day): http://www.flurb.net/9/9rubin.htm

William Owen – Jul 29, 2010

Oh hey, so here is where this thing is, which I guess I'd never actually looked for. How about that. I take part in an online collective here: http://postcardfictioncollaborative.blogspot.com/ and we just passed the 1 year mark. So far Dennis Bolen, Bonnie Nish, Mike Imondi, and Claudia Smith have contributed to guest pieces. Deborah Poe is coming up next month.

Robert Vaughan – Jun 16, 2010

Welcome William! Hope to read your stories soon!

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