by Tracey Curzon-Manners

Try not to think about it.

I'm so sick of feeling stressed and miserable all the time, there has to be more to life.

We'll manage, whatever happens...look at me, we'll manage. We've faced this before and we'll do it again no matter what the bastards have up their sleeves. It's a game, we just have to learn the rules.

But the kids... I can't help worrying...

I know.

I hate that someone else gets to decide our future, that we're just fucking pawns to be moved from pillar to post, manipulated...I don't know how I kept my mouth shut.

Play the game, we're smarter than anything they can throw at us, remember that.

I wanted to kill her - no really, in the meeting today I wanted to smash her smug face in. It frightens me to know that about myself but it's how she made me feel.

It's alright, you're not a bad person, we're under a lot of pressure that's all. I love you, we'll be alright.

I love you too but it won't pay the bills will it? How long can we live this way - I don't WANT to live this way!

Stop shouting, you'll wake the kids. Come back to bed, try and relax... that's better......Ssh...no more talking...ok....I'll make it alright...I promise...ssh...kiss me...