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It hadn’t been a great job, but I sometimes miss the dreamy languor of the waterbed store. It had taken time to realize I was a decoy, that the business was a front for Doty’s drug operation. My…

The Time Machine

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That was when I decided to stay off my lazy ass long enough to finally build my time machine.

Night Navigation (excerpt)

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The house is cold. He doesn’t look at her, just sits hunched at the kitchen table, with the hood of his sweatshirt up: undercover. Her son. He is even thinner than when she left.

Aberdeen Of The Mind

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"...My Bodah buddy's left eye was of sparkly lapis lazuli; the right one? Pink with sty stripes that swirled like barber pole into pure Infinity..."

Slipknot to Suicide

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His body slammed spread-eagle onto the grey, gum-stained concrete thirty-nine stories beneath his office window. Moments before, he watched the ground and the entrance to the subway station speed towards him, his silver, blue, and white-striped tie flutte

Magnum Opus

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The scaffolding had been difficult to construct. The rock floor of the bluff offered no purchase, so he'd been forced to anchor braces to the trees behind, then span some thirty feet. A cantilevered gallows reached another fifteen feet past the stage...

Fanfare for a Soldier

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Your father was newly home from the rice paddies of Viet Nam. Before our meeting, my only source of information about Viet Nam veterans had been the television...

Swan Song

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He ignored his scalded scrotum and listened intently. The music was beautiful beyond all physical pleasure or pain. The end of the piece gave him a deeper understanding of the expression 'la petite mort'. While he was still recovering, the next track b

I Don’t Understand ?

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SHE: I hate you, don't leave me. Let me drive you away so you will stay. You ask about the worst of me, what I've told nobody and hidden just out of sight. I'd say it's hidden below the surface, but I wear it on my sleeve or just under it -- so you wil


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“They say when you hit the water; you’re going about 90 miles an hour and it’s just like hitting concrete.”

With Ariel in Their Hands

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Sylvia Plath killed herself while her children slept upstairs, breakfast ready at their doors. Anne Sexton wanted to do it, but Sylvia got there first, making Anne just a little less remarkable, although she tried often enough, her death like a song put on repeat. …

Memoir: A Final Decision

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It happened in Capricorn. It's always wintry and the cold penetrated one to the bone as the wind whistled at the window. It was about 2:30 am and I sat on the floor writing my final goodbye.


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“Why do you cut yourself?” Remy asked her, it wasn’t an opening line he would try out there but it was a perfect in here, a place where the windows didn’t open and everyone but them had keys for their comings and goings.


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A thousand thoughts screamed at her, weaving about her mind in endless circles of confusion. The tide of desperation swept her out into its uncontainable depths. It felt as if the sea wall were about to break, allowing the waves to crash upon her mind in


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The smell of French fries, greasy burgers cooked on a flat grill, microwaved pie with melting ice cream and aromatic burnt coffee greeted her as she found an unoccupied booth. Ordering a cup of coffee with plenty of creamer she slithered onto the bench se