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The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Insomniac

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Lithium saved my life. Lithium almost killed me. Lithium is the treatment of choice for bipolar disorder. The “Anti-Suicide” pill. No other medication has been shown to be more effective. But the window between…


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cigarettes are clocks that measure still time


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But she knew what she would find. She knew it all the moment she felt the sticky fingerprints behind the slat of her old oak slay bed. The fingerprints that would only be left from a person grabbing it from behind their head. The fingerprints that she

Accident Assurance

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They found your athymic neck/clipped like a bag of Skittles/and your lifeblood left a Rorschach test on the dash/in which they saw the future/and their own exits/(straight ahead and to the right).

Suicide - The Failsafe

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Yesterday morning I sank to the depths of hell and barely crawled out in time. There is no answer except possibly death that will find me relief from his distant presence. I am free but yet I am not and I slowly sink into a hollow world where nothing hurt

Inheritance (draft)

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The dissertation lay dying. The operating table was a mess, littered with all of Jody’s surgical implements. Diagrams, post-it webs, red pens, black pens, paper clips, the locket of St. Dymphna (or Jude?) inherited from her mother, and sprawled across it

Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 56)

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He rose up from the ground, already feeling the headache left from the fall. He tasted blood. It was coming from his nose and lip.

Intimate Dialogues - "Ledge"

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It was a mildly windy day of the working week in the financial district of the city—the bright morning sun was out—when a security guard was called to the fifteenth floor to deal with a disruption. “This way.” Someone pointed to a desk. At the desk

A Boy Named Suicide

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Came to admire Kiyoko Matsumoto. Japanese. Aged 19. Lesbian. 1933. Jumped into a volcano.

At The Diner

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“Heard Gotchalk passed away last weekend.” “Gotchalk died last year. You mean Gotsill. He just passed away. Classmate of mine. Lived in the house just up from the phone company.” Outside, cars drive up and down Elm street. Inside, three men…


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Can’t you do anything right?


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The morning of her suicide, Nonny Rice received a letter.

I Wanted This

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it haunts me

Tia Alvarez

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Penny followed the woman into the warm, dark interior of her home, which smelled strongly of cumin and other familiar spices she couldn’t name. Penny noted that the tia’s hair had turned almost completely white and had grown very long since Penny had last


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I suggested the hospital was haunted. He thought about it. Maybe. There were a lot of electrical outlets, he said.