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Someone was trying to bee-bee gun the cat

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Will, high on liquid coke, jumped up and down in the sterile dining room, up and down on an occupied long table, up and down, yelling— …

The Last Pool Party

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He leaned back and kicked playfully, delighted at the sensation of the water between his toes. He blissfully expired the vapors of the single malt. More than anything he wanted to take a dip in the pool. To have his girth buoyed, to hold his breath und

The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 14

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I only knew that my heart was not in my life as I was presently living it. I needed the breasts of my Helen in my mouth forever, or I was going to die. Die! Ah, the life of a poet! I couldn’t go on living like this. Why should I go on living like this?

NOVEL EXCERPT: Jimmy Gollihue

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Jimmy Gollihue awoke to the howling of a bloodhound, a long voice from up the mountain, and the baying of the dog pulled a keening lament from his dream of the highway.

Novel Excerpt - Full Chapter of Jimmy!

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Jimmy Gollihue awoke to the howling of a bloodhound ...

Salmon of Wisdom (novel excerpt, Jimmy Gollihue)

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Honey, you eat this salmon, now

Pineapple Juice

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He always sat at the same table, underneath one of the umbrellas, his legs stretched out to their full extent. The man would sit like this, not sleeping, but not doing anything, except sipping on a pineapple juice that the waiter would refill several time

Tree Yaupon

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They drop, pale green and yellow, full of pollen, to cover the pool deck and coat the surface of the pool, a shrunken Sargasso Sea come inland.

Tree Yaupon

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They clog the skimmer basket/ and fill the small Polaris bag.

That’d Kill Ol’ Bob

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A monstrous black dog slumbers in the doorway, still as a volcano. I step around him. An old folk saying about sleeping dogs tickles my brain like a coyote yelping on a moonlit night. Strands of smoke curl into fluorescent gossamer in the neon glow and cast a…

Deep June Pool

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I may be the shadow that I am, but I only ever loved you.