Tree Yaupon

by Gary Hardaway

She hates the yaupon especially
in April when it flowers.

They drop, pale green and yellow,
full of pollen, to cover the pool deck

and coat the surface of the pool,
a shrunken Sargasso Sea come inland.

They clog the skimmer basket
and fill the small Polaris bag.

They track into the house in broken
star shaped buds across the tile and carpets.

The yaupon is my favorite
of our trees. I like its dome

of leaves, its shading canopy
above the grill. I hate the pool.

I want to drain it, punch big holes
in it's peeling plaster bottom,

fill it with crushed stone, sandy
loam and top soil and plant three

yaupons on an undulant, kidney
shaped lawn of fescue and ivy.