- "You literally can´t believe the facts Tucker Carlson tells you. So say Fox´s lawyers."

by Neil McCarthy

And in so saying, we shoot a glance at the calendar,

a swear and a prayer escaping our lips simultaneously.

The home stretch of the year that´s in it is an uphill

fogbound chicane of black ice and oncoming trucks.

Anyone with half a mind to jump in front of headlights

with the hope of being buffeted back down to the

innoxiousness of January could quickly be forgiven.


In the darkness, nostalgia finds its voice, flourishes in

empty spaces vacated by sense, reasoning, heartsease.

At this rate, it won´t be long until we´re talking like our

parents, saying things like Remember the good ol´ days

when all we had to worry about was whether they´d find

the WMDs? Or, Flick on The Cosby Show if you´re not

watching the news — I can´t stand that Wolf Blitzer.


Ginsburg and Ginsberg are turning in their graves when

I say that I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed

by fear and the distraction of fear; news not even closely

related to truth doled out like Halloween candy as we

plummet further into some Dantesque version of the future

— a few brash enthusiasts below us yelling proudly

Come on! The view from down here is tremendous!