Elvis, Mosquitoes & Marilyn Monroe -- What I Learned From Magazines This Week

by Roz Warren

Leonard Bernstein believed that Elvis Presley was the greatest cultural force of the 20th century.
(Time, 08/21/17)

For actor Will Smith, losing his virginity wasn't as exciting as watching Star Wars.
(People, 08/07/17)

A Japanese company has created ice cream that doesn't melt.
(Time, 08/21/17)

Marilyn Monroe refused to allow other blondes on her movie sets.
(New York, 08/07/17)

People are usually happier when planning and anticipating a vacation than when they're actually on the vacation. (Money, 09/17)

Grandparents are now offering things like shares in the family business and large sums of money in exchange for the naming rights to their grandchildren.
(The New Yorker, 8/7/17)

There are more than 600 Americans named Ikea.
(The New Yorker, 8/7/17)

A Seattle company has built a contraption that can locate, target and zap mosquitoes out of the air with invisible lasers.
(New York, 7/24/17)

Elvis Presley hated the Beatles.
(Time, 8/21/17)

People usually take fonts for granted.
(The New Yorker, 7/31/17)

The theme for J.W. Rowling's 50th birthday party was “come as your own private nightmare.”
(Entertainment Weekly, ComicCon Special)

Writer Margaret Atwood is only afraid of three things -- thunderstorms, forest fires and bears.
(Entertainment Weekly, ComicCon Special)

The conviction that Trump is dangerously unfit to hold office is shared widely within his own administration.
(New York, 08/07/17)

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