I Channel Quevedo

by Bill Yarrow

  • Hey, life! Nobody answers? WTF?
  • Ah life! Nobody answers me. Well, what did I expect?

  • All the years that I have lived, fate, fate has chewed my days.
  • Back through the decades I have lived, my days all ripped by fortune.

  • My insanity has covered my hours.
  • Madness has hidden my time.

  • Without knowing how or where, my youth and health have vanished.
  • Without the ability to know where or how, my strength and happiness have fled.

  • Visiting the living, there's no misery that doesn't surround me.
  • Attending to calamity, there's no obligation that doesn't bury me alive.

  • Yesterday's gone, tomorrow hasn't arrived, and today is fading. 
  • Yesterday's dissolved, tomorrow has not yet come, and today without even a "Screw you, buddy!" is disappearing on me.

  • For much of my life, I have been tired, I may well be tired tomorrow, but today, today I am completely without energy.
  • I was, I am, and I will (tired though I am) continue to pretend to exist.

  • Yesterday and tomorrow and today, we are all in this dreck together.
  • In the today, the tomorrow, and the yesterday, there is no "you," there is no "I," there is just "we."

  • Soiled diaper to immaculate shroud, I've witnessed a fucking unending parade of decay.
  • Matricides, fratricides homicides, suicides—I've endured a continuous shitload of grief!