Whiplash Marriage

by Bill Yarrow

A wrench flies through the air and cracks your
windshield. It's the unexpected that makes life so
smashing. Like walking along a lake and seeing
elk come out of the water. Like talking to a physician
about the half-life of hope. Like waking up to the sound
of pleading. There are many ways to pretend to die
but one is not surprise. We all have an ageing uncle who
showed in his handshake the strength he still possessed.
He was married to a puissant woman of endemic energy.
They sired your most obnoxious cousins. I wish I had
a mirror implanted in my brain so I could see my life
less directly than I do. I had a dream the daylight needed
repainting. I called my uncle in Kentucky. He said he'd take
care of it but died when his car drove directly into a dove.